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How to Visit Drift Painted Durr Burger Head, Dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue

Fortnite’s Road Trip assignment is essentially the new type of weekly challenge. Players are tasked with completing a range of challenges to earn XP, Battle Stars, and makeup. One of those Road Trip challenges jobs players to”Visit Drift Painted Durr Burger Head, Dinosaur, along with also a Stone Head Statue.”Here is the place to find them all in Fortnite.

Drift Painted Durr Burger Head, Dinosaur & Stone Head Statue Locations at Fortnite Map:

Time to revisit a number of those iconic locations released in Season 1! Visit the Durrr Burger head together with all the drift spray it, a dinosaur, and a stone head to complete this challenge!

Down under, you will find a map showing how the many different drift-painted landmark locations which you’ll need to look at in Fortnite for your Road Trip Mission. We have gone into detail and contained graphics of every place right down below.

Drift Painted Durr Burger Head Location: (Block D3)

The Durr Burger head you’re searching for could be discovered on a mountain just north of Loot Lake, reveal in the screenshot above. You will see the Drift spray.

Dinosaur Location (Block I9)

The dinosaur is discovered at the southeast corner of Fortnite’s map, even in the desert biome. You wish to be on the lookout for Mexico/ Westworld, and then adhere to the road that a little. You wish to walk to this one around the side of this road.

Stone Head Statue Location (Block C6)

Finally, the drift painted stone heads are available just northeast of this frozen lake that is northwest of Polar Peak, it is surrounded by trees so it can be complicated to find, but you are going to place it eventually.

Reward 10x Battle Stars:

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