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How to spray different Gas Stations, all locations on Map

Spray different Gas Stations:

Fortnite’s Spray & Pray assignment is essentially the new type of weekly challenge. Players are tasked with completing a range of challenges to earn XP, Battle Stars, and makeup. One of those Spray & Pray challenges jobs players to”Spray different Gas Stations“.Here is the place to find them all in Fortnite.

Different Gas Station Locations at Fortnite Map:

Time to visit 3 out of 8 Different Gas stations to complete these challenges!

Down under, you will find a map showing the location of all different Gas Stations which you’ll need to look at in Fortnite for your Spray & Pray Mission. We have gone into detail and contained graphics of every place right down below.

You need to spray on the Gas Stations to complete this mission (Any Spray).

Spray Different Gas Station:

Find the Gas Stations across the Fortnite Season 10 map and spray 3 Gas Stations on different locations and you’ll easily complete this challenge in a single match.

This Spray And Pray challenge will be really easy if you know locations where Gas Stations are located. You can find the map above which shows all of the Gas stations located on the Fortnite Season 2 map that you can visit and spray in order to complete this Spray & Pray Mission challenge. You can complete this mission easily in one match but there is no such rule to completing this challenge in one single match. You can visit any Gas Station when you’re nearby and spray on it.

Pleasant Park:

You’ll find one of the Park N Gas Stations on the east side of Pleasant Park near the greenhouse, which is a very popular place to land in the battle royal. Just visit and spray the Gas Station.

South of Pleasant Park:

On the south of the pleasant park road, you can find another isolated gas station. It’s probably a good one to grab after landing in a pleasant park.

North Of Polar Peak:

You’ll find another station near the warehouse that’s north of Polar Peak and west of Tilted Town. It is a great place to grab a spray and gear up because of no one land here.

Neo Titled:

Right now due to a rift neo tilted is replaced by titled town, so you can mark the place of the gas station if neo tilted will come back in the future.

Salty Spring:

There is a Gas N Pass gas station on the north side of salty spring and probably the best place to spray and rest after a hard rush at the start of the game.

North Of Lucky Landing:

There is another isolated gas station directly on the north of Lucky Landing under trees, so don’t forget to spray on it while rushing.

Paradise Palm:

You’ll find another station 99 by the road on the southern side of paradise palms. Spray on station 99 while leaving the paradise palm.

East Of Paradise Palm:

On the edge of the desert, you will find Truck N Oasis gas station. It is located on the southern edge of the map.


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