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How to land In Dusty Depot and Visit the Meteor in a Single Match

Land In Dusty Depot, then Visit the Meteor in a Single Match:

Fortnite’s Season 10 just released a brand new BlockBuster weekly challenges. Players are tasked with completing a range of challenges to earn XP, Battle Stars, and makeup. One of those BlockBuster challenges jobs players to”Land in Dusty Depot, then Visit meteor in a single match“.

Land In Dusty:

Time to visit Dusty Depot Locations from Season 1 to complete these challenges!

Just go to Team Rumble and land on Dusty Depot.

Collect Some Material :

After landing in Dusty Depot you need to collect some material since it is easy to gather more material quickly in team rumble. Collect around 250 wood from nearby trees.

Build Up To Meteor :

When you have enough material, build-up toward the meteor.

Play On Team Rumble Mode

It is much easier to complete mission/challenges in Team Rumble mode. You’ve got more room to look for treasure chests or ammo boxes and it is faster to outlive opponents!

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