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How to find Lost Spraycans Locations On Map

Find Lost Spraycans:

Fortnite’s Spray & Pray assignment is essentially the new type of weekly challenge. Players are tasked with completing a range of challenges to earn XP, Battle Stars, and makeup. One of those Spray & Pray challenges jobs players to”Find Lost Spraycans (5)“.Here is the place to find them all in Fortnite.

Different Lost Spraycans Locations at Fortnite Map:

Time to find 5 out of 9 Lost Spraycans to complete these challenges!

Down under, you will find a map showing the location of all 9 Spraycans Locations which you’ll need to find and grab only 5 for your Spray & Pray Mission. We have gone into detail and contained graphics of every place right down below.

You need to find and grab Spraycans to complete this mission (Any 5 Spraycans).

Find 5 Lost Spraycans:

Find and grab at least 5 Lost Spraycans across the Fortnite Season 10 map and you’ll easily complete this challenge in one or two matches.

This Spray And Pray challenge will be really easy if you know the locations where Lost Spraycans are located. You can find the map above which shows all of the Lost Spraycans located on the Fortnite Season 10 map that you can visit and grab in order to complete this Spray & Pray Mission challenge. You can complete this mission easily in one match but there is no such rule to complete this challenge in one single match. You can find any Lost Spraycans when you’re nearby and grab them.

South Of Snobby Shores:

You’ll find one of the Lost Spraycan on the Southside of Snobby Shores under the frozen waterfall, which is not a very popular place to land in the battle royal. Just visit and grab a lost Spraycan.

Shifty Shafts:

In the cave of the Shifty Shafts, you can find another Lost Spraycan near a chest hidden behind the wall. It’s probably a good one to grab after landing in a Shifty Shafts.

NorthEast Of Happy Hamlet:

You’ll find the next Lost Spraycan on an unnamed location that’s northeast of Happy Hamlet and south of Shifty Shafts. It is a great place to grab a lost spray can and gear up because no one lands here.

Salty Spring:

There is a Lost Spraycan on the northeast side of the salty spring in a small cave where the lake end.

South Of Paradise Palm:

There is another Lost Spraycan directly on the South of Paradise Palm, a place where you can see a lot of cars scrap.

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