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How to find ClapTrap’s Missing Eye And Return It To Him

Fortnite Season 1 Out Of Time is doing some huge changes on the battle royal map. Fortnite is adding brand new items and rift zone locations on the map. In this major update, a brand new rift zone is created called Pandora.

With this new rift zone, we are also receiving new challenges for a limited time called Welcome To Pandora. There is a total of 7 challenges in this bundle which will give you XP and Cosmetics. One of the tricky missions of this set is to “Find ClapTrap’s Missing Eye And Then Return It To Him”. The Reward for completing this challenge is Spray Paint (Crunk Bunny).

To complete this challenge players need to visit two different locations near Paradise Palm. First of all, the player needs to find the missing eye of Claptrap and second, he has to return the eye to Claptrap.

Find Missing Eye Of Claptraps:

You can find the missing eye of the claptrap in a small house in Pandora. Pandora is the newly added rift zone location on the Fortnite map.

This is the south side of Paradise Palm. The missing eye of the claptrap is located in the basement of a house shown in the above picture.

Location Of Claptraps:

After finding the missing eye of the claptrap you need to return the eye. On the road of the desert, there is a board saying Welcome To Pandora.

Right under the board, you can find the claptrap waving his hand.

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