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How to destroy Stop Signs With Catalyst Outfit, All Map Locations

Destroy Stop Signs With Catalyst Outfit:

Challenge Overview:

Destroy 10 stop signs together using the Catalyst outfit

Time to put a stop to Stop Signs! Put in your Catalyst outfit and destroy 10 Stop Signs to complete this challenge!

Luckily, these locations are a whole lot easier to find for a number of different challenges in the sport. Stop Signs are anywhere around Fortnite’s map, therefore there are many over the 10 that you need to destroy to complete the challenge.

If you would like to get them done fast, I would recommend just heading into some town-like place on the map anywhere with a nice variety of roads moving through it. Paradise Palms Mall, along with Neo Titled will all be choices.

Requires Catalyst Skin to Complete

You can not just destroy the Stop Signs, however. You will need to be sporting the Catalyst outfit because this that you can unlock instantly upon purchasing the Season 10 Battle Pass.

The Way to Get Catalyst Outfit

The Catalyst Outfit is one of those new skins offered in Season 10. You will need to obtain the new Battle Pass, at which stage you will get it right away. You will need to head into the locker area of this Fortnite menu to equip it before you venture outside to find the locations in which you need to destroy stop signs.

Stop Signs Locations

The very best place we discovered was Pleasant Park. There is enough in this termed location alone for one to complete the challenge. Pleasant Park includes 11 Stop Signs in the vicinity of it! In case you’ve got the area on your own, you can complete the challenge in one sitting! Just look across the side of all of the roads to your red signs and strike them. It is fairly straightforward.

Pleasant Park Stop Signs

Below are the specific locations of the stop signs from Pleasant Park should you need exact areas to visit destroy them.

  1. Northeast of town, on the road about the outside border, there is one around the side of the road beside the home.
  2. At a junction on the western aspect of the town, you will find the next stop sign place.
  3. After that, you can destroy the stop signal further inland on the exact identical road.
  4. Again at the northwest portion of Pleasant Park, there is one on both sides of a cross.
  5. Just from the T at the title of the location, there is one by a gray car near a walkway.
  6. This is the second stop signal to destroy the crosswalk before.
  7. You are able to destroy the stop signal from the southeast to the road just beside the pitch.
  8. In another one from the west, you will find a few alongside some trees.
  9. Here is the next stop sign.
  10. Finally, the third hint from the northwest component of town.

We also discovered this was the very ideal place to complete the prestige Mission’ variant of the Stop Signs challenge, since you’re able to get the seven demanded in a single match to complete the challenge with comparative ease, especially in the event the Battle Simulator’ route is much from the named place.

Battle Star Reward:


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