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How to deal Damage to Opponent While Riding Zipline

Zipline Locations – Road Trip Mission

With Our Easy Manual Guide, you can Complete the”Ride a Zipline at Different Matches” to get Fortnite Season 10 Week 1 Road Trip Challenges done! Including Zipline locations and much more!

Ride a Zipline in Different Matches Challenge

Regular Ride a Zipline in 3 Different Matches

Prestige Deal 200 damage to opponents while riding a Zipline

Ziplines are throughout the island! With this challenge, you will need to ride a Zipline at least once in 3 matches! If you are trying the Prestige challenge, you will need to deal damage to opponents while on a zipline.

Regular Challenge Cannot be Completed in a Single Match

You will not be able to complete the regular challenge in a single match, you must have to play 3 or more matches to get this challenge done and you will get the reward.

Deal 200 damage to opponents while Riding a Zipline

Once riding a Zipline, look all around for enemies you’re able to deal damage. You do not need to eliminate your enemy, just shoot some bullets to dead 200 damage to the opponent while riding a zipline.

All Ziplines Locations On Fortnite Map

There are a number of Ziplines from the island that you utilize. They are most frequently attached to hills and could be obtained very easily. So let’s go…

Battle Star Reward:

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